Splin Cocktail Bar Typography

Project with Antoine Doublet. For the Splin Cocktail Bar in Lille, France, I was asked to help them display their menu in a creative and more visible manner, along with several illustrations depicting the style and mood that the bar wanted to convey to its clientele. White chalk on black walls. Splin Bar Facebook Page


Tree Man

Personal project in which I wanted to show the connection between nature and man through an illustration. The blue part of the “face” represents the Earth’s oceans/rivers/lakes, and water in general. The “eyes” are made up of plant-like specimens, and the “nose” is a tree with roots. All together, these elements produce a “face”, which represents the human species. Made…


Underwater Dragon

As part of a school workshop, we were given one week to illustrate on a school wall a scene of our choosing. We decided as a group to create a humorous apocalyptic scene of the city of Lille halfway submerged. With each person in charge of illustrating a piece or several pieces, the goal was to combine everyone’s different styles…



A painting I made for my own personal pleasure. Made with spraypaint, a paintknife, and gloss cardboard. I first sprayed different layers of spraypaint onto the cardboard, then used an old newspaper to mix the colors together. I then took a paint knife and carved away the drawing of the shrimp.



We were asked to create a lamp for use in a cultural setting, using any technique we desired. I chose a church for my setting, and my lamp is inspired by the stain glass windows we see in churches. It is made out of white cardboard, colored tracing paper, and glue.


Campbell’s Soup Ad

“A new look at a classic” A group project in my photo class, we were asked to create an advertisement for a brand of our choice. Inspired by the old advertisements for Campbell’s Soup, we wanted to upgrade and modernize the imagery, while keeping the concept the same. We decided to keep the photo simple and elegant, with a solid…